1. What Crosfill & Archer Claims Ltd will do for you?

(a) We will assess your Payment Protection Policy (PPI) and/or your Package Bank Account (PBA) and, if appropriate, pursue on your behalf a claim for reimbursement of premiums paid plus statutory interest.
(b) We will provide this service on a no win no fee basis. If you, the client, does not receive any monetary refund, we will not charge a fee. We will only charge a fee if compensation is recovered on an agreed percentage of the amount recovered (see section 5).
(c) We will correspond and negotiate with the respondent on your behalf in this action.
(d) We will return all your documents (including bank statements, policy or credit agreements) upon receipt of all monies owed in accordance with this agreement.
(e) We will assist you in completing all or part of our application, and/or any subsequent forms which you may be experiencing trouble with.
(f) We will inform you of all offers that we receive from the respondent; evaluate them and contact you to inform you of the decision and discuss if we think it is fair.
(g) We will endeavour at all times to provide you with the professional and dedicated service that you deserve. We will use all rea- sonable skill and care in the processing of your claim for reimbursement to include all premiums plus statutory interest for all payment protection policies agreed or judged to have been mis-sold.
(h) We will always act in your best interests in pursuing your claim.
(i) If your claim is successful and you receive compensation, we will charge you our fee as shown in Section 5 of this agreement.
(j) If your claim is rejected by your lender, with your consent, we may escalate it to the Financial Ombudsman Service for consideration which can take up to 24 months or, if your lender is no longer trading, we will submit your claim to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. If successful at this stage, we reserve the right pursue our fee. You can, however, pursue this independently and free of charge if you wish.

2. What we expect from you:
(a) To provide us promptly with all relevant information and items we request to enable us to pursue your claim.
(b) To advise us promptly if any of your contact or personal details change and, if required for your claim(s), to update the relevant company, finance or insurance provider. We are unable to do this on your behalf.
(c) To provide us with clear instructions and information.
(d) To read all of our Terms & Conditions and to sign and return the enclosed Letter(s) Of Authority, as well as any further correspondence we may issue you in the future.
(e) We require your authority to correspond and negotiate with your bank(s)/lender(s) which you grant us by signing the Letter(s) of Authority enclosed. Please retain a copy of the terms and conditions and ensure you familiarise yourself with them before signing and dating the Letter(s) of Authority.
(f) You must inform us of any decision the bank makes within 14 days of your knowledge. If you withdraw our authority with the bank during the claim, you are still bound by this contract and must disclose any information the bank relay to you regarding your claim unless you have cancelled this agreement as set out below.

Important Information
(a) You are entitled to seek further advice in relation to your claim and to consider what services might be most appropriate to your claim for compensation.
(b) In particular, you have the right to shop around and you should be aware of the services provided by the Financial Ombudsman Service.
(c) You should be aware that, as with any claim, there is a small risk that it may result in Court proceedings although, in the highly unlikely event that this were to occur, if you do not wish to continue with your claim at this point you may cancel your contract and only pay the cancellation charges set out in Section 4 of this agreement.
(d) You should be aware of the risks and costs involved in making the claim, in particular the possibility of not recovering any money but becoming liable for costs and the possibility of legal action.

3. Data Protection Statement
We collect personal information about you and any joint policy holders when you apply for our services and from your creditors/insurers as authorised by you on the Letter(s) Of Authority. We may also collect further information as a result of managing your PPI/PBA Claim. We will use your personal information to aid us in providing our services to you, and in particular:
• Prepare and issue to you your PPI Claim/PBA claim;
• Negotiate with your creditors/insurers on your behalf; and
• Keep you informed about your PPI/PBA Claim and our services.
You may let us know if you do not want us to use or disclose your personal information as set out above.
Other than set out above, we will only disclose your personal information to the extent required by law, court order or as requested by other government or law enforcement authorities.

4. Cancelling this Agreement:
(a) In the unlikely event that we feel this claim may not succeed and we choose to cancel the claim, there will be no fee due to us.
(b) You may cancel the Agreement without incurring a charge at any point up until 14 days after the Agreement has been signed by providing any clear statement, including but not limited to: a telephone call, an e-mail or the attached cancellation form. If you wish to cancel after the 14 day period there will be a charge of £40 per hour for any work undertaken on your case.
(c) If you withdraw our authority to work on your behalf after the 14 day cooling off period, there will be a charge of £40 per hour for any work undertaken.
(d) If this Agreement is cancelled, either by you or us, after the expiry of 14 days we will charge you a fee based on the value of the work that we have undertaken up to that point at the rate of £40 (+VAT) per hour unless we receive an offer dated before your termination when our full fee will apply.
(e) This Agreement is a legally binding contract and in signing it you are accepting all the Terms & Conditions.

5. Our Fee:
(a) We will charge you a fee of 24% (inclusive of VAT) of the full and final settlement offered to you by the bank before any tax deductions are made. When you get an offer from the bank you may initially receive a text from us, this text will state the full and final offer from the bank. This figure will differ slightly to what you receive; this is due to HMRC deducting tax from the 8% compound interest that your refund is comprised of.
(b) "Claim(s) Services" means: Your Claim(s) against the Company or Companies relating to the mis-selling of a payment protection insurance (PPI) policy or policies on any account with that Company, including failure to disclose commission charges following the Supreme Court judgment in Plevin v Paragon Personal Finance Ltd [2014] UKSC 61 or the application of unfair/unlawful charges to Your credit or debit cards or any related account with that Company.
(c) You should be aware that compensation can also mean benefit. Any compensation you receive as a result of our service may go to existing arrears you have or have had in the past with the finance provider/lender. This may mean you still have to pay our fee. Below is a table showing examples of possible situations where compensation is deducted from existing claim compensation.

(d) Our standard payment terms are that:
(i) All fees should be paid within 14 days of receiving your refund.
(ii) In the event of non-payment, you will be liable for any additional costs placed upon the Firm for recovery (i.e. instruction of a third-party debt collection company).
(di) In the event of you being in an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), Debt Management Plan (DMP) or have been declared Bankrupt and you do not receive any monetary reimbursement from the claim, we will not pursue you for a fee. We may contact your Insolvency Practitioner to recover our fees if the money is paid to them.

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